Man pages for R4RNA
An R package for RNA visualization and analysis

alignmentStatisticsCompute statistics for a multiple sequence alignments
as.helixCoerce to a Helix Data Frame
basepairFrequencyCalculates the frequency of each basepair
blankPlotCreate a blank plotting canvas
colourHelicesAssign colours to helices
expandCollapseHelixExpand or collapse helices to and from basepairs
helixHelices predicted by TRANSAT with p-values
logicalHelixLogical filters of helix by type
logseqLog base 10 sequence, floor and ceiling
plotCovariancePlot nucleotide sequence coloured by covariance
plotHelixPlots helices in arc diagram
R4RNA-packageAn R package for RNA visualization and analysis
readStructureRead secondary structure file
structureMismatchScoreScores how a basepair structure fits a sequence
unknottedGroupsPartition basepairs into unknotted groups
viennaToHelixConvert helix structures to and from other formats
writeHelixWrite out a helix data frame into a text file
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