Man pages for RBGL
An interface to the BOOST graph library

astarSearchCompute astarSearch for a graph
bandwidthCompute bandwidth for an undirected graph
bcclusterGraph clustering based on edge betweenness centrality shortest paths using boost C++
betweennessCompute betweenness centrality for an undirected graph
bfsBreadth and Depth-first search
biConnCompCompute biconnected components for a graph
clusteringCoefCalculate clustering coefficient for an undirected graph
clusteringCoefApprApproximate clustering coefficient for an undirected graph
coloringCompute a vertex coloring for a graph
connectedCompIdentify Connected Components in an Undirected Graph
dag.spDAG shortest paths using boost C++
defunctDefunct Functions in Package 'RBGL'
dijkstra.spDijkstra's shortest paths using boost C++
dominatorTreeCompute dominator tree from a vertex in a directed graph
edgeConncomputed edge connectivity and min disconnecting set for an...
extractPathconvert a dijkstra.sp predecessor structure into the path...
FileDepFileDep: a graphNEL object representing a file dependency...
floyd.warshall.all.pairs.spcompute shortest paths for all pairs of nodes
gprofileCompute profile for a graph
graphGeneratorGenerate an undirected graph with adjustable clustering...
highlyConnSGCompute highly connected subgraphs for an undirected graph
incrConnCompCompute connected components for an undirected graph
isomorphismCompute isomorphism from vertices in one graph to those in...
is.triangulatedDecide if a graph is triangulated
johnson.all.pairs.spcompute shortest path distance matrix for all pairs of nodes
kCliquesFind all the k-cliques in an undirected graph
kCoresFind all the k-cores in a graph
lambdaSetsFind all the lambda-sets in an undirected graph
layoutLayout an undirected graph in 2D - suspended june 16 2012
maxCliqueFind all the cliques in a graph
maxFlowCompute max flow for a directed graph
minCutCompute min-cut for an undirected graph
mstree.kruskalKruskal's minimum spanning tree in boost
mstree.primCompute minimum spanning tree for an undirected graph
orderingCompute vertex ordering for an undirected graph
removeSelfLoopsremove self loops in a graph
separatesA function to test whether a subset of nodes separates two...
sp.betweenDijkstra's shortest paths using boost C++
strongCompIdentify Strongly Connected Components
transClosureCompute transitive closure of a directed graph
transitivityCalculate transitivity for an undirected graph
tsorttopological sort of vertices of a digraph
wavefrontCompute the i-th/max/average/rms wavefront for a graph
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