SUPPPF: Genetics Findings Domain Supplemental Variables

Description Note


Variable Name Variable Label
STUDYID Study Identifier
RDOMAIN Related Domain Abbreviation
USUBJID Unique Subject Identifier
IDVAR Identifying Variable
IDVARVAL Identifying Variable Value
QNAM Qualifier Variable Name
QLABEL Qualifier Variable Label
QVAL Data Value


The following table enumerates the values in QNAM and QLABEL variables

PFPOPAR Geographic Area of the Population
PFSPECSB Specimen Subtype
PFREFIDP Source Specimen Identifier
VISITMIN Planned Visit Minimum Start Day
VISITMAX Planned Visit Maximum Start Day
PFSPTRT Specimen Treatment
PFTRTAMV Specimen Treatment Amount Value
PFTRTAMU Specimen Treatment Amount Unit
PFTRTDUV Specimen Treatment Duration Value
PFTRTDUU Specimen Treatment Duration Unit
PFTRTTMV Specimen Treatment Temperature Value
PFTRTTMU Specimen Treatment Temperature Unit

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