TS: Trial Summary Domain Variables

Description Note


Variable Name Variable Label
STUDYID Study Identifier
DOMAIN Domain Abbreviation
TSSEQ Sequence Number
TSPARMCD Trial Summary Parameter Short Name
TSPARM Trial Summary Parameter
TSVAL Parameter Value


The following table enumerates the values in TSPARMCD and TSPARM variables

TITLE Trial Title
DESCR Trial Description
INDIC Trial Indication
TRT Investigational Therapy or Treatment
HYPOTHS Trial Hypotheses
SSTDTC Study Start Date
SENDTC Study End Date
PLANSUB Planned Number of Subjects
ACTSUB Actual Number of Subjects
AGEMAX Planned Maximum Age of Subjects
AGEMIN Planned Minimum Age of Subjects
AGEU Age Units
SEXPOP Sex of Participants
SPONSOR Clinical Study Sponsor
PUBRLDAT Public Release Date
ISTRIAL Study Type
RESFOCUS Trial Research Focus

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