Man pages for RNAdecay
Maximum Likelihood Decay Modeling of RNA Degradation Data

a_highcalculates bounds for modeled parameters
aicAkaike information criterion (with correction)
colsIndexes column names with multiple patterns (i.e., multigrep)
comb_cvcombined adjusted coefficient of variation
const_decayexponential decay functions
constraint_fun_list_makercontraint function list maker
decay_dataNormalized RNA abundance RNA decay timecourse
decay_plotdecay_plot() function
fit_varsigma^2 estimation
groupingsCombinatorial groups matrix generator
group_mapmodel color map
log_liklog likelihood
modelsExample double exponential decay modeling results
mod_optimizationmodel optimization for fitting exponential decay models to...
n_parnumber of Parameters function
plain_themea custom ggplot2 theme
resultsExample double exponential decay modeling results
RPMsRNA abundance reads per million over RNA decay timecourse
sse_null_decaying_decaysum of the squared errors for null models
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