Man pages for RTNsurvival
Survival analysis using transcriptional networks inferred by the RTN package

RTNsurvival-packagePerforms survival analysis using transcriptional networks...
tni2tnsPreprocess-methodsPreprocessing of TNS class objects
tnsAREA3-methodsCompute regulon activity by calling aREA (analytic Rank-based...
TNS-classTNS: An S4 class for survival analysis using transcriptional...
tnsCoxInteraction-methodsCox regression analysis for dual regulons
tnsCox-methodsCox regression analysis for TNS class objects
TNS.dataA pre-processed dataset for demonstration purposes only.
tnsGet-methodsGet information from slots in a TNS object
tnsGSEA2-methodsCompute regulon activity using 2-tailed Gene Set Enrichment...
tnsInteraction-methodsSurvival analysis for dual regulons
tnsKmInteraction-methodsKaplan-Meier analysis for dual regulons
tnsKM-methodsKaplan-Meier analysis for TNS class objects
tnsPlotCoxInteraction-methodsPlot results from Cox regression analysis for dual regulons
tnsPlotCox-methodsCox plots for TNS class objects
tnsPlotGSEA2-methodsPlot 2-tailed GSEA for a sample from a TNS
tnsPlotKmInteraction-methodsPlot results from Kaplan-Meier analysis for dual regulons
tnsPlotKM-methodsKaplan-Meier plots for TNS class objects
tnsStratificationSample stratification for a TNS object
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