Man pages for RVS
Computes estimates of the probability of related individuals sharing a rare variant

ancestorDistancedistance between a descendant and an ancestor
areMatingdetermine if two subjects have a child together
checkArgscheck arguments provided to RVsharing for validty
ComputeKinshipPropCoef-methodsratio of excess kinship among descendants over mean kinship...
computePFUcomputation of P[FjU] using equation 21 of Bureau et al.
computePhiVecexpected kinship coefficient for different number of alleles
convertMatrixconvert snpMatrix to a list of vectors of sharing
createNetworkcreate bayesian network from processed pedigree
denomProbdenominator of sharing probability
enrichmentPValueenrichment p-value across multiple families and variants
enrichmentPValue_R_BackendR backend for enrichmentPValue calculation
exactSharingProbexact sharing probability calculation
ex.ped.matmatrix of pedigree information and genotype data from famVCF...
extract_carriersextract carriers of minor allele
fam15157.vcfVCF objects containing genotype data for two families:...
fam28003.vcfVCF objects containing genotype data for two families:...
founderOccurencedetermine if subjects are descended from founders
GeneDropdeprecated function
get.psubsetdeprecated function
inferNumAllelesmost likely number of distinct alleles among founders
inferThetasolve the parameter theta for polynomial approximation of the...
isDescendantdetermine if one subject is a descendant of another
marginalProbcalculates the marginal probability of a set of nodes
monteCarloSharingProbcalculates sharing probability by simulating pedigree...
multipleFamilyPValueprobability of sharing of rare variants in a subset of...
multipleFamilyPValue_R_BackendR backend for multipleFamilyPValue calculation
multipleVariantPValuegeneralization of multipleFamilyPValue to multiple variants
multipleVariantPValue_R_BackendR backend for multipleVariantPValue calculation
numerProbnumerator of sharing probability
oldArgscheck for arguments in v1.7 format
oneFounderSharingProbcalculate sharing probability in basic case
oneFounderSharingProbSplittingcalculate sharing probability in basic case
ped2triodeprecated function
processPedigree-methodsextract useful information from a pedigree
relatedFoundersCorrectionmake the neccesary correction for when founders have a...
runMonteCarlorun the monte carlo simulation
RVgeneProbability of sharing of rare variants in a family sample...
RVsharing-methodsprobability of sharing a rare variant among relatives
samplePedigreeslist of 8 sample pedigree objects
simulatePedigreesimulates pedigree given founder states
snpMatSnpMatrix with genotype information from famVCF for fam15157
SnpMatrixToCountconvert a list of SnpMatrices to a single matrix in a...
twoFounderSharingProbsharing probability when founder pair introduces variant
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