Man pages for RVS
Computes estimates of the probability of related individuals sharing a rare variant

ancestorDistancedistance between a descendant and an ancestor
areMatingdetermine if two subjects have a child together
checkArgscheck arguments provided to RVsharing for validty
ComputeKinshipPropCoef-methodsratio of excess kinship among descendants over mean kinship...
computePFUcomputation of P[FjU] using equation 21 of Bureau et al.
computePhiVecexpected kinship coefficient for different number of alleles
convertMatrixconvert snpMatrix to a list of vectors of sharing
createNetworkcreate bayesian network from processed pedigree
denomProbdenominator of sharing probability
enrichmentPValueenrichment p-value across multiple families and variants
exactSharingProbexact sharing probability calculation
ex.ped.matmatrix of pedigree information and genotype data from famVCF...
extract_carriersextract carriers of minor allele
fam15157.vcfVCF objects containing genotype data for two families:...
fam28003.vcfVCF objects containing genotype data for two families:...
GeneDropdeprecated function
get.psubsetdeprecated function
inferNumAllelesmost likely number of distinct alleles among founders
inferThetasolve the parameter theta for polynomial approximation of the...
isDescendantdetermine if one subject is a descendant of another
marginalProbcalculates the marginal probability of a set of nodes
monteCarloSharingProbcalculates sharing probability by simulating pedigree...
multipleFamilyPValueprobability of sharing of rare variants in a subset of...
multipleVariantPValuegeneralization of multipleFamilyPValue to multiple variants
numerProbnumerator of sharing probability
oldArgscheck for arguments in v1.7 format
oneFounderSharingProbcalculate sharing probability in basic case
ped2triodeprecated function
processPedigree-methodsextract useful information from a pedigree
relatedFoundersCorrectionmake the neccesary correction for when founders have a...
runMonteCarlorun the monte carlo simulation
RVgeneProbability of sharing of rare variants in a family sample...
RVsharing-methodsprobability of sharing a rare variant among relatives
samplePedigreeslist of 8 sample pedigree objects
simulatePedigreesimulates pedigree given founder states
snpMatSnpMatrix with genotype information from famVCF for fam15157
SnpMatrixToCountconvert a list of SnpMatrices to a single matrix in a...
twoFounderSharingProbsharing probability when founder pair introduces variant
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