RankProd: Rank Product method for identifying differentially expressed genes with application in meta-analysis

Non-parametric method for identifying differentially expressed (up- or down- regulated) genes based on the estimated percentage of false predictions (pfp). The method can combine data sets from different origins (meta-analysis) to increase the power of the identification.

AuthorFrancesco Del Carratore <francesco.delcarratore@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk>, Andris Janckevics <andris.jankevics@gmail.com> Fangxin Hong <fxhong@jimmy.harvard.edu>, Ben Wittner <Wittner.Ben@mgh.harvard.edu>, Rainer Breitling <r.breitling@bio.gla.ac.uk>, and Florian Battke <battke@informatik.uni-tuebingen.de>
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerFrancesco Del Carratore <francescodc87@gmail.com>
Licensefile LICENSE

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