FilterMatrix-class: Matrix for Filter Results

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A FilterMatrix object is a matrix meant for storing the logical output of a set of FilterRules, where each rule corresponds to a column. The FilterRules are stored within the FilterMatrix object, for the sake of provenance. In general, a FilterMatrix behaves like an ordinary matrix.

Accessor methods

In the code snippets below, x is a FilterMatrix object.

filterRules(x): Get the FilterRules corresponding to the columns of the matrix.


FilterMatrix(matrix, filterRules): Constructs a FilterMatrix, from a given matrix and filterRules. Not usually called by the user, see evalSeparately.


summary(object, discarded = FALSE, percent = FALSE): Returns a numeric vector containing the total number of records (nrow), the number passed by each filter, and the number of records that passed every filter. If discarded is TRUE, then the numbers are inverted (i.e., the values are subtracted from the number of rows). If percent is TRUE, then the numbers are percent of total.


Michael Lawrence

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