Man pages for SIM
Integrated Analysis on two human genomic datasets

acgh.dataArray Comparative Genomic Hybridization data
assemble.dataAssemble the data to run the integrated analysis
chrom.tableTable with chromosome information
expr.dataExpression data example
getoverlappingregionsGet the overlapping regions between independent and dependent... NA's in array-CGH data
integrated.analysisIntegrated analysis of dependent and indepedent microarray...
link.metadataLink a metadata annotation file to expression ID RESOURCERER annotation file to expression ID
samplesSamples for example data
SIM-packageStatistical Integration of Microarrays
sim.plot.overlapping.indep.dep.featuresP-value plot and mean-zscore plots with indication of...
sim.plot.pvals.on.genomePlot the P-values in whole genome overview
sim.plot.pvals.on.regionP-value histograms and P-values along the genome per region
sim.plot.zoom.inZoom in on heatmap
sim.plot.zscore.heatmapAssociation heatmap from z-scores
sim.update.chrom.tableUpdate the chromomosome table
tabulate.pvalsSums significant P-values for the analyzed regions the P-values for the dependent features the mean z-scores for the independent features
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