Man pages for SplicingGraphs
Create, manipulate, visualize splicing graphs, and assign RNA-seq reads to them

assignReadsAssign reads to the edges of a SplicingGraphs object
bubbles-methodsCompute the bubbles of a splicing graph
countReads-methodsSummarize the reads assigned to a SplicingGraphs object
plotTranscripts-methodsPlot a set of transcripts along genomic coordinates.
rsgedgesByGene-methodsExtract the reduced edges and their ranges from a...
sgedgesByGene-methodsExtract the edges and their ranges from a SplicingGraphs...
sgedges-methodsExtract the edges (and nodes) of a splicing graph
sgraph-methodsExtract a splicing graph as a plottable graph-like object
SplicingGraphs-classSplicingGraphs objects
SplicingGraphs-packageCreate, manipulate, visualize splicing graphs, and assign...
toy_dataLittle helpers for quick access to the toy data included in...
TSPCsgTSPC splicing graphs
txpath-methodsExtract the transcript paths of a splicing graph
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