Man pages for UNDO
Unsupervised Deconvolution of Tumor-Stromal Mixed Expressions

BiologicalMixMCF7HS27MCF7 and HS27 biologically mixed
calc_E1function calculating the E1 measurement
dimension_reductionDimension reduction function
gene_expression_inputDetect whether the input gene expression data are valid
marker_gene_selectionSelect marker genes in two sources
mixing_matrix_computationCalculate and scale the mixing matrix
NumericalMixingMatrixmixing matrix of data NumericalMixMCF7HS27
NumericalMixMCF7HS27MCF7 and HS27 numerically mixed
PureMCF7HS27pure MCF7 and HS27
two_source_deconvMain function to call other subfunction to deconvolute the...
UNDO-packageImplementation of UNDO (unsupervised deconvolution of...
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