Man pages for bacon
Controlling bias and inflation in association studies using the empirical null distribution

baconGibbs sampler
Bacon-classAn S4 class container for storing Gibbs Sampler input and...
bias-methodsMethod to extract the estimated bias from the 'bacon'-object
dnormmixdensity of a k-component normal mixture
es-methodsMethod to extract inflation- and bias-corrected effect-sizes
estimates-methodsMethod to extract the estimated parameters from the...
fit-methodsMethod to plot mixture fit
inflation-methodsMethod to extract the estimated inflation from the...
meta-methodsfixed meta-analysis
plot-Bacon-methodplot hist or qq
plotnormmixplot normal mixtures
posteriors-methodsMethod to plot posterior distribution
pval-methodsMethod to extract inflation- and bias-corrected P-values
rnormmixsample from a normal mixture
se-methodsMethod to extract inflation- and bias-corrected standard...
traces-methodsMethod to plot Gibbs sampling traces
tstat-methodsMethod to extract inflation- and bias-corrected...
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