API for bigmemoryExtras
An extension of the bigmemory package with added safety, convenience, and a factor class

Global functions
.initBigMatrix Man page
BigMatrix Man page Source code
BigMatrix-class Man page
BigMatrixFactor Man page Source code
BigMatrixFactor-class Man page
[,BigMatrix,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[<-,BigMatrix,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[<-,BigMatrix,ANY,ANY-method Man page
annotatedDataFrameFrom Man page
annotatedDataFrameFrom,BigMatrix-method Man page
apply,BigMatrix-method Man page
as.matrix,BigMatrix-method Man page
bigmemoryExtras-package Man page
coerce,BigMatrix,matrix-method Man page
coerce,BigMatrixFactor,factor-method Man page
coerce,BigMatrixFactor,matrix-method Man page
dim,BigMatrix-method Man page
dimnames,BigMatrix-method Man page
dimnames<-,BigMatrix,ANY-method Man page
length,BigMatrix-method Man page
levels,BigMatrixFactor-method Man page
levels<-,BigMatrixFactor-method Man page
ncol,BigMatrix-method Man page
nitBigMatrix Source code
nlevels,BigMatrixFactor-method Man page
nrow,BigMatrix-method Man page
onLoad Source code
onUnLoad Source code
updateBackingfiles Man page Source code
updateBigMatrix Man page Source code
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