Man pages for cancerclass
Development and validation of diagnostic tests from high-dimensional molecular data

cancerclass-internalInternal Functions in the cancerclass Package
cancerclass-packageDevelopment and validation of diagnostic tests from...
fitFitting of a predictor
looLeave-one-out cross-validation
nvalidateClassification in a multiple random validation protocol in...
nvalidation-classClass "nvalidation"
plotPlot Method for 'validation, nvalidation, prediction,...
plot3dPlot3d method for 'validtion and 'nvalidation' classes
prediction-classClass "prediction"
predictor-classClass "predictor"
predict,predictor-methodPredict Method for 'predictor' Class
summary,prediction-methodSummary Method for 'prediction' Class
validateClassification in a Multiple Random Validation Protocol in...
validation-classClass "validation"
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