Man pages for cellGrowth
Fitting cell population growth models

bandwidthCVBandwidth cross-validation
baranyiBaranyi growth model
fitCellGrowthFit growth curves
fitCellGrowthsFit multiple growth curves
getRowColumnConvert well ids to row and column
getWellIdsTecanGet aliases for wells
gompertzGompertz growth model
guessCellGrowthParamsGuess growth models parameters
logisticLogistic growth model
plot.cellGrowthFitGeneric plot function for datatype cellGrowthFit
plotPlatePlot of a well plate
plot.wellGeneric plot function for datatype well
readGeniosRead Tecan Genios data files
readYeastGrowerRead Yeast Grower data files
rossoRosso growth model
standardWellIdMake standard names for well ids
wellDataFrameCreate a well data frame
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