Man pages for cellTree
Inference and visualisation of Single-Cell RNA-seq data as a hierarchical tree structure

cell.ordering.tableRanking of cells according to backbone tree structure
cellTree-packageInference and visualisation of Single-Cell RNA-seq Data data...
compute.backbone.treeBackbone Tree construction
compute.go.enrichmentGene Ontology enrichment analysis
compute.ldaLDA model inference
ct.plot.go.dagGene Ontology enrichment sets plotting
ct.plot.groupingPlot cell tree with grouping information
ct.plot.heatmapGene Expression Heatmap
ct.plot.topicsPlot cell tree with topic distributions
get.cell.distsCell Pairwise-Distance Matrix output for Gene Ontology Enrichment results
HSMM_lda_modelPre-computed LDA model for HSMMSingleCell data
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