Man pages for copynumber
Segmentation of single- and multi-track copy number data by penalized least squares regression.

aspcfAllele-specific copy number segmentation.
callAberrationsCall aberrations in segmented data
getGRangesFormatGet segments on the GRanges format
imputeMissingImpute missing copy number values
interpolate.pcfInterpolation of pcf-estimates.
lymphoma3K aCGH data
micmaSubset of 244K aCGH data
multipcfMulti-sample copy number segmentation.
pcfSingle-sample copy number segmentation.
pcfPlainPlain single-sample copy number segmentation.
plotAberrationPlot areas with copy number aberrations
plotAllelePlot SNP data and/or aspcf segmentation results
plotChromPlot copy number data and/or segmentation results by...
plotCirclePlot a circular genome with aberration frequencies and...
plotFreqPlot percentage of samples with an aberration at a genomic...
plotGammaPlot segmentation results for several values of gamma
plotGenomePlot copy number data and/or segmentation results
plotHeatmapPlot copy number heatmap
plotSamplePlot copy number data and/or segmentation results by sample
selectSegmentsSelect multipcf segments
SNPdataArtificial SNP array data
subsetDataRetrieve a data subset
subsetSegmentsRetrieve a subset of segments
winsorizeWinsorization of copy number data
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