Man pages for cytofkit
cytofkit: an integrated mass cytometry data analysis pipeline

ClusterXFast clustering by automatic search and find of density peaks
cytof_addToFCSAdd data to the original FCS files
cytof_clusterSubset detection by clustering
cytof_clusterMtrxExpression values by cluster
cytof_clusterPlotScatter plot of the cluster results
cytof_clusterStatStatistics of the cluster results
cytof_colorPlotPlot the data with color-coded marker values
cytof_dimReductionDimension reduction for high dimension data
cytof_exprsExtractExtract the expression data from a FCS file with...
cytof_exprsMergeMerge the expression matrix from multiple FCS files with...
cytof_heatmapHeatmap plot of cluster mean value results
cytofkitcytofkit: an integrated mass cytometry data analysis pipeline
cytofkit_GUIFunction for launching the user friendly GUI client for...
cytofkitNewscheck the package update news
cytofkit-packagecytofkit: an integrated mass cytometry data analysis pipeline
cytofkitShinyAPPA Shiny APP to interactively visualize the analysis results
cytof_progressionProgression estimation of cytof expression data
cytof_progressionPlotProgression plot
cytof_writeResultsSave the cytofkit analysis results
DensVMDensity-based local maxima cluster with SVM
fixedLogicleParameters_GUIGUI for gettting parameter for logicle transformation
getParameters_GUIGUI for marker selection
launchShinyAPP_GUIGUI for launching shiny APP
RphenographRphenoGraph clustering
spectral1First Function for spectral color palette
spectral2Second Function for spectral color palette
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