SegTrajectories-class: Class '"SegTrajectories"'

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Objects of this class is a product of the denoiseSegments function.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("SegTrajectories", ...).



Object of class "character" Parameters used to run the segmentation algorithm.


Object of class "matrix" A matrix containing the preliminary results from segmentation/denoising for each (sub)series generated by transformSeries. Each list element contains the following information in matrix form (in columns): the observed data (1st column), the estimated, wavelet denoised data (2nd column), the residuals of the estimation (3rd column), the starting/ending time points of each segment (4th/5th columns), the estimated segment IDs (6th column), the quantiles of the estimated data [minimum, 5%, 10%, 15%, ..., 95%, maximum] (from columns 7th to 27th) and the series IDs (28th column)


Object of class "character" Inherited from Trajectories-class


Object of class "character" Inherited from Trajectories-class


Object of class "list" Trajectories. Inherited from Trajectories-class


Object of class "numeric" adf p-values. Inherited from Trajectories-class


Object of class "character" Transformation method. Inherited from TransTrajectories-class


Object of class "list" breakpoints, if used.


Object of class "numeric" adf p-values after transformation, if used. Inherited from TransTrajectories-class


Object of class "list" Transformed trajectories. Inherited from TransTrajectories-class


Object of class "character" Transformed trajectories names. Inherited from TransTrajectories-class


Class "TransTrajectories", directly. Class "Trajectories", directly.


In the code snippets below, x is a SegTrajectories object.

getTNames(x): Retrieves filenames from slot filenames or tfilenames depending on whether the series has been transformed.

getTraj(x): Retrieves trajectories list from slot trajlist or ttrajlist depending on whether the series has been transformed.

getBreaks(x): Retrives breakpoints (if any) from slot breakpoints

getAVD(x): Retrieves adf p-values from slot avd or tavd depending on whether the series has been transformed.

getSegments(x): Retrieves initial segmentation data from slot smatrix produced by denoiseSegments

Other methods

In the code snippets below, x is a SegTrajectories object.

clusterPV(x,bootstrap=500): Computes p-values to be used with method="pvclust" in clusterSegments(x)

clusterSegments(x): clustering of segmented trajectories into similar groups.

plot(x): Plots the initial segmentation data after denoising by denoiseSegments

show(x): Displays summary of object, including inherited classes. This helps in recalling the analysis path taken to produce the current results.


Diana H.P. Low, Efthimios Motakis

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