Trajectories-class: Class '"Trajectories"'

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Objects of this class is a product of the initialization function, parseTraj.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("Trajectories", ...).



Object of class "character" Directory where files were read from.


Object of class "character" Name of files read.


Object of class "list" Trajectories.


Object of class "numeric" adf p-values.


In the code snippets below, x is a Trajectories object.

getTNames(x): Retrieves filenames from slot filenames.

getTraj(x): Retrieves trajectories list from slot trajlist.

getBreaks(x): Retrives breakpoints (if any) from slot breakpoints

getAVD(x): Retrieves adf p-values from slot avd.

Other methods

In the code snippets below, x is a Trajectories object.

splitTraj(x): Computes likely breakpoints for the series.

transformSeries(x): Apply transformation functions for the series if series is not stationary, or to split long series after determining breakpoints with splitTraj.

plot(x,name='all'): Plots the trajectory series either individually, or combined.

show(x): Displays summary of object, including inherited classes. This helps in recalling the analysis path taken to produce the current results.


Diana H.P. Low, Efthimios Motakis

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