Man pages for dexus
DEXUS - Identifying Differential Expression in RNA-Seq Studies with Unknown Conditions or without Replicates

accessorsAccessors for a "DEXUSResult".
countsBottomlyRNA-Seq data of two mice strains.
countsGiladRNA-Seq data of humans, chimpanzees and rhesus macaques.
countsLiRNA-Seq data of the developmental zones of maize leaves.
countsMontgomeryRNA-Seq data of 60 European HapMap individuals.
countsPickrellRNA-Seq data of 69 Nigerian HapMap individuals.
dexssDetection of Differential Expression in a semi-supervised...
dexusDetection of Differential Expression in an Unsupervised...
dexus.parallelA parallel version of DEXUS.
DEXUSResult-classClass '"DEXUSResult"'
DEXUSResult-subsetSubsetting a "DEXUSResult".
getSizeNBMaximum-likelihood and maximum-a-posteriori estimators for...
INII/NI filtering of a DEXUS result.
INIThreshold-setSet the I/NI threshold.
normalizeDataNormalization of RNA-Seq count data.
plotVisualization of a result of the DEXUS algorithm.
sortSorting a DEXUS result.
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