countsLi: RNA-Seq data of the developmental zones of maize leaves.

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RNA-Sequencing was performed on different locations of the maize plant leaf.




A data matrix of 110185 rows (genes) and 12 columns (samples).

Source accession number:SRP002265


Li, P., Ponnala, L., Gandotra, N., Wang, L., Si, Y., Tausta, S. L., Kebrom, T. H., Provart, N., Patel, R., Myers, C. R., Reidel, E. J., Turgeon, R., Liu, P., Sun, Q., Nelson, T., and Brutnell, T. P. (2010). The developmental dynamics of the maize leaf transcriptome. Nat Genet, 42(12), 1060-1067.

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