Man pages for diffcyt
Differential discovery in high-dimensional cytometry via high-resolution clustering

calcCountsCalculate cluster cell counts
calcMediansCalculate cluster medians
calcMediansByClusterMarkerCalculate medians (by cluster and marker)
calcMediansBySampleMarkerCalculate medians (by sample and marker)
createContrastCreate contrast matrix
createDesignMatrixCreate design matrix
createFormulaCreate model formula and corresponding data frame of...
diffcytRun 'diffcyt' pipeline
generateClustersGenerate clusters
plotHeatmapPlot heatmap
prepareDataPrepare data
testDA_edgeRTest for differential abundance: method 'diffcyt-DA-edgeR'
testDA_GLMMTest for differential abundance: method 'diffcyt-DA-GLMM'
testDA_voomTest for differential abundance: method 'diffcyt-DA-voom'
testDS_limmaTest for differential states: method 'diffcyt-DS-limma'
testDS_LMMTest for differential states: method 'diffcyt-DS-LMM'
topClustersAlias for 'topTable' (deprecated)
topTableShow table of results for top clusters or cluster-marker...
transformDataTransform data
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