Man pages for enrichTF
Transcription Factors Enrichment Analysis

EnrichStep-classBase class of this package
GenBackgroundGenerate background regions and reset the size of foreground...
GeneOntologyGene ontology enrichment analysis for provided gene list
MotifsInRegionsFind motifs in all input sequence regions
Pipelinesready-to-use pipelines
RegionConnectTargetGeneConnect regions with their target genes
SingleSampleReportFinal report for single group of regions
TFsEnrichInRegionsTest each TF is enriched in regions or not
TissueOpennessConserveTissue's open conservation of the given region
TissueOpennessSpecificityTissue's open specificity of the given region
UnzipAndMergeBedUnzip all zipped BED files and merge them into one BED file
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