Man pages for epihet
Determining Epigenetic Heterogeneity from Bisulfite Sequencing Data

compMatrixMake Comparison Matrix
dataexample data background
diffHetCalculate Differential Heterogeneity
epiBoxMake Boxplot from Comparison Matrix
epiMAMake MA Plot
epiMapMake Pheatmap from Comparison Matrix
epiNetworkConstruct co-epihet network based on DEH loci.
epiPathwaypathway annotation
epiPCAMake PCA Plot from Comparison Matrix
epiTSNEMake TSNE Plot from Comparison Matrix
jaccardJaccard score calculation between modules from two subtypes.
makeGRMake List of GenomicRanges Object
moduleAnnomodule annotation
moduleSimmodule comparison between two subtypes
moduleVisualModules visualization and network topology
readGRMake GenomicRanges Object
shannonShannon Entropy
splitnThe subtring extraction of a character vector
summarizeSummarize Data
userobjGenomicRanges object generation
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