Man pages for epivizr
R Interface to epiviz web app

EpivizApp-classClass managing connection to epiviz application.
EpivizChart-classClass encapsulating a chart in epiviz app
EpivizChartMgr-classClass providing chart manager for epiviz app
restartEpivizRestart epiviz app connection and workspace.
show-EpivizChart-methodPrint information about EpivizChart
startEpivizStart epiviz app and create 'EpivizApp' object to manage...
tcga_colon_blocksExample methylation data (blocks) for epivizr vignette.
tcga_colon_curvesExample methylation data (smoothed methylation levels) for...
tcga_colon_expressionExample exon-level RNAseq data from TCGA project for epivizr...
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