Man pages for erccdashboard
Assess Differential Gene Expression Experiments with ERCC Controls

annotLODRAnnotate signal-abundance and ratio-abundance plots with LODR
dynRangePlotProduce signal-abundance plot to evaluate dynamic range
ERCCDefERCCDef dataframe
ERCCMix1and2ERCCMix1and2 dataframe
erccROCProduce Receiver Operator Characteristic (ROC) Curves and AUC...
estLODREstimate Limit of Detection of Ratios (LODR)
est_r_mEstimate the mRNA fraction differences for the pair of...
geneExprTestPrepare differential expression testing results for spike-in...
initDatInitialize the exDat list
maSignalGenerate MA plots with or without annotation using LODR...
MET.CTL.countDatRat toxicogenomics count data
MET.CTL.totalReadsRat toxicogenomics total read data
runDashboardRun default erccdashboard analysis of ERCC control ratio...
saveERCCPlotsSave erccdashboard plots to a pdf file
SEQC.ExampleExample data from SEQC project for erccdashboard analysis
UHRR.HBRR.arrayDatUHRR and HBRR Illumina BeadArray data
UHRR.HBRR.countDatUHRR and HBRR RNA-Seq Illumina count data
UHRR.HBRR.totalReadsUHRR and HBRR sample total read data
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