Man pages for facopy
Feature-based association and gene-set enrichment for copy number alteration analysis in cancer

addFeaturesAdd Feature Annotation
addVariablesAdd Variable Annotation
alterationSummaryAlteration Summary
calculateCorCalculate Correlation Between Copy Number and Expression
facopyFeature-Based Copy Number Association Analysis
facopyEnrichmentGene-set Enrichment Analysis
facopyInfo-classClass '"facopyInfo"'
facopy-packagefacopy: feature-based association and gene-set enrichment for...
facopyPlotPlot a Genome-Wide Overview of Association Results
getFacopyInfoList Available facopy Input and Characteristics
myCallsExample facopy Object with Just Copy Number Calls
myStudyExample Complete facopy Object
myVariablesExample Phenotypic Annotation
plotBarOverview of Alterations by Chromosome Arm
plotHistStacked Histograms
plotPCAfacopy PCA
plotZoomZoom In to Plot a Chromosome Arm or a Genomic Feature
previewAlteration and Varible Preview
readCNDataRead Copy Number Data
variableCorVariable Correlations
variableSummaryVariable Summary
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