Man pages for flowBin
Combining multitube flow cytometry data by binning

amlsampleMultitube AML sample as example data for flowBin
BinnedFlowSampleA 'FlowSample', but with binning information for each tube
checkQNormFunction to check the quantile normalisation of a FlowSample...
eventsInBinsCount number of events for each tube in each bin
flowBinfunction to run the entire flowBin pipeline
flowFPBinBin sample using flowFP binning
FlowSampleA class similar to flowSet, but with extra information needed...
getBinExprCalculate the expression of each bin in a BinnedFlowSample in...
kMeansBinBin sample using K-means binning
mapBinsKNNInternal function to map bins by KNN
quantileNormalisequantileNormalise normalise binning paramaters across all...
removeSparseBinsRemove bins from a BinnedFlowSample with few events in them
show-methodsMethods to view flowBin objects
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