flowBin: Combining multitube flow cytometry data by binning

Software to combine flow cytometry data that has been multiplexed into multiple tubes with common markers between them, by establishing common bins across tubes in terms of the common markers, then determining expression within each tube for each bin in terms of the tube-specific markers.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorKieran O'Neill
Bioconductor views CellBasedAssays FlowCytometry
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerKieran O'Neill <koneill@bccrc.ca>

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amlsample Man page
aml.sample Man page
bin.labels Man page
bin.labels<- Man page
bin.labels<-,BinnedFlowSample,list-method Man page
bin.labels,BinnedFlowSample-method Man page
BinnedFlowSample Man page
BinnedFlowSample-class Man page
bin.pars Man page
bin.pars<- Man page
bin.pars,FlowSample-method Man page
bin.pars<-,FlowSample,vector-method Man page
checkQNorm Man page
checkQNorm, Man page
checkQNorm,FlowSample,FlowSample-method Man page
control.tubes Man page
control.tubes<- Man page
control.tubes,FlowSample-method Man page
control.tubes<-,FlowSample,vector-method Man page
eventsInBins Man page
eventsInBins,BinnedFlowSample-method Man page
flowBin Man page
flowbin-package Man page
flowFPBin Man page
flowFPBin,FlowSample-method Man page
FlowSample Man page
FlowSample-class Man page
getBinExpr Man page
getBinExpr,BinnedFlowSample-method Man page
kMeansBin Man page
kMeansBin,FlowSample-method Man page
mapBinsKNN Man page
mapBinsKNN,FlowSample-method Man page
measure.pars Man page
measure.pars<- Man page
measure.pars<-,FlowSample,list-method Man page
measure.pars,FlowSample-method Man page
name Man page
name<- Man page
name<-,FlowSample,character-method Man page
name,FlowSample-method Man page
quantileNormalise Man page
quantileNormalise,FlowSample-method Man page
removeSparseBins Man page
removeSparseBins,BinnedFlowSample-method Man page
show,BinnedFlowExprSet-method Man page
show,CVResult-method Man page
show,FlowSample-method Man page
show-methods Man page
tube.set Man page
tube.set<- Man page
tube.set<-,FlowSample,list-method Man page
tube.set,FlowSample-method Man page

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