API for flowQB
Automated Quadratic Characterization of Flow Cytometer Instrument Sensitivity: Q, B and CV instrinsic calculations

Global functions
calc_mean_sd_197 Man page Source code
calc_mean_sd_background Man page Source code
calc_mean_sd_capture Man page Source code
calc_mean_sd_capture_all Man page Source code
calc_mean_sd_duke Man page Source code
censor_peak_statistics Source code
find_peak Man page Source code
fit_beads Man page Source code
fit_led Man page Source code
fit_spherotech Man page Source code
fit_thermo_fisher Man page Source code
fitted_ellipse_gate Man page
fitted_ellipse_gate,flowFrame,ANY-method Man page
fitted_ellipse_gate,flowFrame,fitted_ellipse_gate-method Man page
fitted_ellipse_gate,flowFrame-method Man page
get_peak_statistics Source code
get_results_for_dyes Man page Source code
peak_gate Man page
peak_gate,flowFrame,ANY-method Man page
peak_gate,flowFrame,peak_gate-method Man page
peak_gate,flowFrame-method Man page
peak_gate,matrix,ANY-method Man page
peak_gate,matrix,peak_gate-method Man page
peak_gate,matrix-method Man page
pick_parameters Man page
pick_parameters,flowFrame,ANY-method Man page
pick_parameters,flowFrame,pick_parameters-method Man page
pick_parameters,flowFrame-method Man page
qb_from_fits Man page Source code
split_in_two Man page
split_in_two,flowFrame,ANY-method Man page
split_in_two,flowFrame,split_in_two-method Man page
split_in_two,flowFrame-method Man page
split_in_two,matrix,ANY-method Man page
split_in_two,matrix,split_in_two-method Man page
split_in_two,matrix-method Man page
usable_rows Source code
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