Man pages for flowViz
Visualization for flow cytometry

addName-methodsAdd gate names to a flowViz plot.
contour-methodsContour plots for flow data
densityplotOne-dimensional density/histogram plots for flow data
ecdfplotMethod implementing Lattice ECDF plots for flow data
flowPlotStandard Plots for Flow Cytometry Data
flowViz-packageVisualization for flow cytometry
flowViz.par.getQuery and set session-wide graphical parameter defaults.
glines-methodsDrawing filter boundaries
glpoints-methodsAdding points within a gate to a plot
glpolygon-methodsDrawing filter regions
gpoints-methodsAdding points within a gate to a plot
gpolygon-methodsDrawing filter regions
lattice-methodsMethods implementing Lattice displays for flow data
plotVery basic plotting of flowFrames
splomMethod implementing Lattice scatter plot matrices for flow...
timeLinePlotPlot channel values against time
xyplotMethods implementing Lattice xyplots for flow data.
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