Man pages for flowcatchR
Tools to analyze in vivo microscopy imaging data focused on tracking flowing blood cells

add.contoursAdd object contours to a 'Frames' object Creates a 'Frames'...
addParticlesCombines the information from a raw 'Frames' object and the...
axesInfoInfo on the dimensions of the FOV
candidate.plateletsA sample 'ParticleSet' object
channel.FramesChannel extraction for 'objects'
computeMSDCalculates the Mean Squared Displacement for a trajectory
crop.FramesCut borders of a 'Frames' object
export.FramesExports a 'Frames' object
export.particlesExports a 'ParticleSet' object
extractKinematics.trajCalculate a set of kinematics parameters from a single...
flowcatchR-pkgflowcatchR: analyzing time-lapse microscopy imaging, from...
FramesConstructor for a 'Frames' object
Frames-classFrames class
initialize.LinkedParticleSetInitialize a 'ParticleSet' object for subsequent...
inspect.FramesExplore the frames of a 'Frames'
kinematicsCalculate a set of kinematics parameter from a...
KinematicsFeatures-classKinematicsFeatures class
KinematicsFeaturesSet-classKinematicsFeaturesSet class
length.FramesCompute the length of render frames in a 'Frames' object
LinkedParticleSet-classLinkedParticleSet class
link.particlesLinks a 'ParticleSet' object
matchTrajToParticlesMatch trajectories to related particles.
MesenteriumSubsetA sample 'Frames' object
normalizeFramesNormalize the values of a 'Frames' object
particlesExtracts particles from the images of a 'Frames' object.
ParticleSet-classParticleSet class
penaltyFunctionGeneratorGenerate a penalty function
plot2D.TrajectorySet2D projection of a 'TrajectorySet' object
plot.TrajectorySet3D representation of a 'TrajectorySet' object
preprocess.FramesPreprocessing function for 'Frames' objects
read.FramesConstructor for a 'Frames' object
read.particlesConstructor for a 'ParticleSet' object
repmatFunction equivalent for MATLAB's repmat - Replicate and tile...
rotate.FramesRotates all images in a 'Frames' object
select.FramesExtracts subsets of frames from a 'Frames' object
select.particlesPerforms filtering on a 'ParticleSet' object
shinyFlowShiny application for exploring the features and parameters...
show-Frames-methodDisplay conveniently a 'Frames' object
show-KinematicsFeatures-methodDisplaying conveniently a 'KinematicsFeatures' object
show-KinematicsFeaturesSet-methodDisplay conveniently a 'KinematicsFeatureSet' object
show-LinkedParticleSet-methodDisplay conveniently a 'LinkedParticleSet' object
show-ParticleSet-methodDisplay conveniently a 'ParticleSet' object
show-TrajectorySet-methodDisplay conveniently a 'TrajectorySet' object
snapSnap the features of the closest particle identified
toCartesianCoordsConverts polar coordinates to cartesian coordinates
toPolarCoordsConverts cartesian coordinates to polar coordinates
trajectoriesGenerate trajectories
TrajectorySet-classTrajectorySet class
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