Man pages for funtooNorm
Normalization Procedure for Infinium HumanMethylation450 BeadChip Kit

agreementFunction to measure intra-replicate agreement for methylation...
fromGenStudFilesCreates a S4 object of class 'SampleSet' from GenomeStudio...
fromRGChannelSetCreates an object of class SampleSet from a RGChannelSet...
funtooNormThe funtooNorm normalization function
getGRangesBuild GRange object of methylation probes
getNormBetaComputes Beta values from normalized signals
getNormMComputes M values,log2(Meth/Unmeth), from normalized signals
getRawBetaComputes Beta value from raw signals
getSnpMComputes M values after normalization of SNP data.
plotValidationGraphplot of Validation Graph for determing number of components
SampleSet-classS4 class object SampleSet
show-SampleSet-methodShow Object SampleSet
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