Man pages for gaga
GaGa hierarchical model for high-throughput data analysis

buildPatternsBuild a matrix with all possible patterns given a number of...
checkfitCheck goodness-of-fit of GaGa and MiGaGa models
classpredPredict the class that a new sample belongs to.
dcgammaApproximate gamma shape distribution
findgenesFind differentially expressed genes after GaGa or...
fitGGFit GaGa hierarchical model
forwsimDiffExprForward simulation for differential expression.
geneclusCluster genes into expression patterns.
getparExtract hyper-parameter estimates from a gagafit or nnfit...
parestParameter estimates and posterior probabilities of...
plotForwSimPlot forward simulation trajectories
posmeansGGGene-specific posterior means
powclasspredExpected probability that a future sample is correctly...
powfindgenesPower computations for differential expression
print.gagaclusPrint an object of class gagaclus
print.gagafitPrint an object of class gagafit or nnfit
print.gagahypPrint an object of class gagahyp
seqBoundariesGridEvaluate expected utility for parametric sequential stopping...
simGGPrior predictive simulation
simnewsamplesPosterior predictive simulation
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