Man pages for gscreend
Analysis of pooled genetic screens

assignGeneDataCalculate gene rank
calculateIntervalFitsCalculate fit parameters for every subset of data
calculateLFCCalculate log fold changes
calculatePValuesCalculate p-values
createPoolScreenExpCreate PoolScreenExp Experiment
createPoolScreenExpFromSECreate PoolScreenExp Experiment from summarized experiment
defineFittingIntervalsCalculate interval limits for splitting data into subsets
fit_least_quantileFit paramters for skew normal distribution
GeneDataGeneData: set and retrieve GeneData of PoolScreenExp
GeneData-PoolScreenExp-methodAccessor function for the Gene slot of the PoolScreenExp...
normalizePoolScreenExpNormalize raw count
plotModelParametersPlot model parameters from the fitting
plotReplicateCorrelationPlot replicate correlation
PoolScreenExp-classClass to store pooled CRISPR screening experiment
ResultsTableExtract a results table
RunGscreendrun gscreend
sgRNADatasgRNAData: set and retrieve sgRNAData of PoolScreenExp
sgRNAData-PoolScreenExp-methodAccessor function for the sgRNA slot of the PoolScreenExp...
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