htSample: Example ChIP-sequencing data with 2 replicates per group...

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This GRangesList contains a subset of drosophila melanogaster ChIP-sequencing data obtained with the Illumina sequencer. An immuno-precipitated and a control input sample were obtained at two experimental dates (details not provided as this is still unpublished data). In order to save space and let the examples run quicker, only reads mapping to the first 500kb of chr2L are included.




GRangesList where each element contains reads from a different sample. names(htSample) indicate the group and batch (experimental date) that each sample corresponds to.


Data was pre-processed using the Illumina pipeline and mapped to the drosophila melanogaster dm3 genome using Bowtie. Only uniquely mapping sequences with at most 2 mismatches in the first 28 bases were kept. See the package vignette for some more details on this dataset.



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