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The DotPlot is a virtual class for all panels where each row or column in the SummarizedExperiment is represented by no more than one point (i.e., a “dot”) in a brushable ggplot plot. It provides slots and methods to create the plot, to control various aesthetics of the dots, and to store the brush or lasso selection.

Slot overview

The following slots are relevant to coloring of the points:

The following slots control other metadata-related aesthetic aspects of the points:

The following slots control the faceting:

The following slots control any text to be shown on the plot:

The following slots control the effect of the transmitted selection from another panel:

The following slots control interactions with the plot image:

The following slots control some aspects of the user interface:

The following slots control the addition of a contour:

The following slots control the general appearance of the points.

The following slots refer to general plotting parameters:

In addition, this class inherits all slots from its parent Panel class.

Supported methods

In the following code snippets, x is an instance of a DotPlot class. Refer to the documentation for each method for more details on the remaining arguments.

For setting up the objects:

For defining the interface:

For generating the output:

For defining reactive expressions:

For controlling selections:

For documentation:

Unless explicitly specialized above, all methods from the parent class Panel are also available.

Subclass expectations

The DotPlot is a rather vaguely defined class for which the only purpose is to avoid duplicating code for ColumnDotPlots and RowDotPlots. We recommend extending those subclasses instead.


Aaron Lun

See Also

RowDotPlot and ColumnDotPlot, which are more amenable to extension.

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