HistogramPlot <- function()
  # Example function to demonstrate adding menu items in limmaGUI.
  # To activate this menu-item, uncomment the "Histogram" line in 
  # limmaGUI/etc/limmaGUI-menus.txt, where the limmaGUI directory
  # can be found with system.file(package="limmaGUI")
  SlideNamesVec <- get("SlideNamesVec",limmaGUIenvironment)
  RG            <- get("RG",limmaGUIenvironment)
  MA.Available  <- get("MA.Available",limmaGUIenvironment)
  ArraysLoaded  <- get("ArraysLoaded",limmaGUIenvironment)
  if (ArraysLoaded==FALSE)
    tkmessageBox(message="Error: No arrays have been loaded",icon="error")

  slide <- GetSlideNum()
  if (slide>0) # i.e. User didn't press cancel
    if (MA.Available$Raw==FALSE)
      MAraw <- MA.RG(RG)
      MAraw <- get("MAraw",limmaGUIenvironment)
    tkmessageBox(message="The histogram will be plotted in the standard R graphics device, NOT a Tk window.")
    hist(MAraw$M[,slide],col="blue",main=paste("Histogram of M for Slide",SlideNamesVec[slide]),

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