Man pages for logicFS
Identification of SNP Interactions

data.logicfsExample Data of logicFS
getMatEvalEvaluate Prime Implicants
logic.baggingBagged Logic Regression
logicFSFeature Selection with Logic Regression
logicFS-internalInternal logicFS functions
logic.oobPrime Implicants
logic.pimpPrime Implicants
make.snp.dummySNPs to Dummy Variables
mlogregMultinomial Logic Regression
plot.logicFSVariable Importance Plot
plot.predict.survivalFSSurvival and Cumulative Hazard Function Plot
predict.logicBaggPredict Method for logicBagg objects
predict.mlogregPredict Method for mlogreg Objects
print.logicFSPrint a logicFS object
survivalFSLogic Feature Selection for Survival Data
vim.approxPvalApproximate P-Value Based Importance Measure
vim.chisqChiSquare Based Importance
vim.ebamEBAM Based Importance
vim.individualVIM for Inputs
vim.logicFSImportance Measures
vim.normStandardized and Sign-Permutation Based Importance Measure
vim.permSetPermutation Based Importance Measures
vim.setVIM for SNPs and Sets of Variables
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