Man pages for logicFS
Identification of SNP Interactions

data.logicfsExample Data of logicFS
getMatEvalEvaluate Prime Implicants
logic.baggingBagged Logic Regression
logicFSFeature Selection with Logic Regression
logicFS-internalInternal logicFS functions
logic.oobPrime Implicants
logic.pimpPrime Implicants
make.snp.dummySNPs to Dummy Variables
mlogregMultinomial Logic Regression
plot.logicFSVariable Importance Plot
predict.logicBaggPredict Method for logicBagg objects
predict.mlogregPredict Method for mlogreg Objects
print.logicFSPrint a logicFS object
vim.approxPvalApproximate P-Value Based Importance Measure
vim.chisqChiSquare Based Importance
vim.ebamEBAM Based Importance
vim.individualVIM for Inputs
vim.logicFSImportance Measures
vim.normStandardized and Sign-Permutation Based Importance Measure
vim.permSetPermutation Based Importance Measures
vim.setVIM for SNPs and Sets of Variables
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