data.logicfs: Example Data of logicFS

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data.logicfs contains two objects: a simulated matrix data.logicfs of 400 observations (rows) and 15 variables (columns) and a vector cl.logicfs of length 400 containing the class labels of the observations.

Each variable is categorical with realizations 1, 2 and 3. The first 200 observations are cases, the remaining are controls. If one of the following expression is TRUE, then the corresponding observation is a case:

SNP1 == 3

SNP2 == 1 AND SNP4 == 3

SNP3 == 3 AND SNP5 == 3 AND SNP6 == 1

where SNP1 is in the first column of data.logicfs, SNP2 in the second, and so on.

See Also

logic.bagging, logicFS

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