forrwcoa: Row weighted Correspondence Analysis

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dudi.rwcoa Row weighted COA, calls forrwcoa to perform row weighted correspondence analysis.


forrwcoa(df, rowweights = rep(1/nrow(df),nrow(df)))



a data.frame containing positive or null values. It should not contain missing (NA) values.


a vector of row weights (by default, uniform row weights)


further arguments passed to or from other methods )


Performs row weighted COA. Calls forrwcoa to calculates weights.


Returns a list of class 'coa', 'rwcoa', and 'dudi' (see dudi)


In the paper by Culhane et al., 2002, coinertia analysis was performed with two COAs, a standard COA and a row weighted COA dudi.rwcoa, on the two gene expression datasets. However it is now recommended to perform two non-symmetric COA, instead of two COA. This avoids having to force the row weights from one analysis on the second. To perform non-symmetric correspondence coinertia analysis, use bet.coinertia.


Aedin Culhane, A.B. Dufour


Culhane AC, et al., 2003 Cross platform comparison and visualisation of gene expression data using co-inertia analysis. BMC Bioinformatics. 4:59

See Also

See Also as dudi,dudi.coa,dudi.pca bet.coinertia

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