Man pages for marray
Exploratory analysis for two-color spotted microarray data

boxplotBoxplots for cDNA microarray spot statistics
bracketMethodsSubsetting methods for microarray objects
cbindCombine marrayRaw, marrayNorm or marrayInfo Objects
checkTargetInfoVerifying the order between intensities matrix and target...
coerce-methodsCoerce an object to belong to a given microarray class
dimRetrieve the Dimensions of an marrayRaw, marrayNorm or...
findIDFind ID when given an accession number
htmlPageDisplay gene list as a HTML page
imageColor image for cDNA microarray spot statistics
ma2DStratified bivariate robust local regression
maBoxplotBoxplots for cDNA microarray spot statistics
maColorBarCalibration bar for color images
maCompCoordGenerate grid and spot matrix coordinates
maCompIndGenerate spot indices
maCompLayoutGenerate a marrayLayout object
maCompNormAWeights for composite normalization
maCompPlateGenerate plate IDs
maCoord2IndConvert grid and spot matrix coordinates to spot indices
maDefaultParDefault graphical parameters for microarray objects
maDotsDefaultsReplace graphical default parameters by user supplied...
maDotsMatchReplace default arguments of a function by user supplied...
maGenControlsGenerating a vector recording the control status of the...
maGeneTableTable of spot coordinates and gene names
maImageColor image for cDNA microarray spot statistics
maImage.funcColor image for cDNA microarray spot statistics
maInd2CoordConvert spot indices to grid and spot matrix coordinates
maLegendLinesAdd a legend to a plot
maLoessStratified univariate robust local regression
maLoessLinesAdd smoothed fits to a plot
maMADStratified MAD calculation
maMedStratified median calculation
maNABasic Statistical Functions for Handling Missing Values
maNormSimple location and scale normalization function
maNorm2D2D spatial location normalization function
maNormLoessIntensity dependent location normalization function
maNormMADMAD scale normalization function
maNormMainMain function for location and scale normalization of cDNA...
maNormMedMedian location normalization function
maNormScaleSimple scale normalization function
maNum2LogicConvert a numeric vector of indices to a logical vector
maPaletteMicroarray color palette
mapGeneInfoCreating URL strings for external database links
maPlotScatter-plots for cDNA microarray spot statistics
maPlot.funcScatter-plots with fitted curves and text
marrayInfo-classClass "marrayInfo", description of target samples or spotted...
marray-internalInternal marray functions
marrayLayout-classClass "marrayLayout", classes and methods for layout...
marrayNorm-classClass "marrayNorm", classes and methods for...
marrayRaw-classClass "marrayRaw", classes and methods for pre-normalization...
maSelectGnamesSelect genes according to the values of a few different...
maTextHighlight points on a plot
maTopIdentify extreme values
maTwoSamplesChanging signs for two sample analysis
opVersionIDDetermine the operon oligo set ID
plotMAScatter-plots for cDNA microarray spot statistics
print-methodsPrinting summary methods for microarray objects
read.GalfileReading GenePix Gal file
read.marrayInfoCreate objects of class marrayInfo
read.marrayLayoutCreate objects of class marrayLayout
read.marrayRawCreate objects of class "marrayRaw"
rm.naRemove missing values
showLargeObjectShow Large Data Object - class
stat.confband.textRank genes according to the value of a statistic.
stat.gnamesSort Genes According to the Value of a Statistic
swirlGene expression data from Swirl zebrafish cDNA microarray...
write.listData Output
write.marrayData Output
write.xlsData Output
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