maNA: Basic Statistical Functions for Handling Missing Values

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Basic statistical functions for handling missing values or NA.
In,, and,,, missing values are omitted from the calculation.
The function calls cor with the argument use="pairwise.complete.obs".
The function only handles vector arguments and not lists. However, it gives the option of omitting the NAs (na.last=NA), of placing the NAs at the start of the ordered vector (na.last=F) or at the end (na.last=T).
The function is a modified version of scale which allows NAs in the variance calculation. If scale = T, the function f in uses to perform the variance calculation. The function is similar to the prod function with na.rm=TRUE. This function returns the product of all the values present in its arguments, omitting any missing values.


Yee Hwa Yang,

See Also

log, sum, mean, var, cor, order, scale, prod.

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