Man pages for mfa
Bayesian hierarchical mixture of factor analyzers for modelling genomic bifurcations

calculate_chiCalculate posterior chi precision parameters
create_syntheticCreate synthetic data
cs_sigmoidSigmoid function for activations - renamed to avoid naming...
empirical_lambdaEstimate the dropout parameter
log_sum_expLog sum of exponentials
map_branchFind the MAP branch and uncertainty
mcmcifyTurn a matrix's columns into informative names
mfaFit a MFA object
plot_chiPlot posterior precision parameters
plot_dropout_relationshipPlot the dropout relationship
plot_mfa_autocorrPlot MFA autocorrelation
plot_mfa_tracePlot MFA trace
posteriorCalculate the log-posterior during inference
print.mfaPrint an mfa fit
summary.mfaSummarise an mfa fit
to_ggmcmcTurn a trace list to a 'ggmcmc' object
transientTransient mean function
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