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miRBaseConverter is an R/Bioconductor package for converting and retrieving the definition of miRNAs ( Names, Accessions, Sequences, Families and others) in different miRBase versions ( From miRBase version 6 to version 22 [ The latest version ] ). A tiny built-in database is embedded in the miRBaseConverter R package for retrieving miRNA information efficiently.

Installing miRBaseConverter

{r,eval=FALSE,warning=FALSE,message=FALSE} devtools::install_github("taoshengxu/miRBaseConverter")


The tutorial and examples of miRBaseConverter pacakge can be found here.

Shiny application

The online application with interactive interface of this package can be accessed in or


Please cite the following article when using miRBaseConverter:


Taosheng Xu, Ning Su, Lin Liu, Junpeng Zhang, Hongqiang Wang, Jie Gui, Kui Yu, Jiuyong Li, Thuc Duy Le. miRBaseConverter: An R/Bioconductor Package for Converting and Retrieving miRNA Name, Accession, Sequence and Family Information in Different Versions of miRBase. BioRxiv 407148, doi:

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