Man pages for msmsEDA
Exploratory Data Analysis of LC-MS/MS data by spectral counts

batch.neutralizeBatch effects correction
counts.hcHierarchical clustering on an spectral counts matrix.
counts.heatmapHeatmap of an spectral counts matrix.
counts.pcaPrincipal components analysis of an spectral counts matrix.
count.statsSummary of statistics of spectral counts by sample in the...
disp.estimatesResidual dispersion estimates
filter.flagsFlag proteins with a minimum signal and/or sufficient...
gene.tableGene symbols associated to protein accessions
msms.datasetLC-MS/MS dataset
msmsEDA-packageExploratory Data Analysis of label-free LC-MS/MS spectral...
norm.countsSpectral counts matrix normalization
pnmsAccessions and gene symbols
pp.msms.dataSpectral counts matrix pre-processing
spc.barplotsSet of SpC barplots by sample
spc.boxplotsSet of SpC boxplots by sample
spc.densityplotsSpC density plots of a SpC matrix
spc.scatterplotScatterplot of SpC means comparing two conditions
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