netbenchmark: Benchmarking of several gene network inference methods

This package implements a benchmarking of several gene network inference algorithms from gene expression data.

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AuthorPau Bellot, Catharina Olsen, Patrick Meyer, with contributions from Alexandre Irrthum
Bioconductor views GeneExpression GraphAndNetwork Microarray Network NetworkInference
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerPau Bellot <>
LicenseCC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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aracne.wrap Man page
aupr Man page
auroc Man page
c3net.wrap Man page
clr.wrap Man page
comp.metr Man page
datasource.subsample Man page
evaluate Man page
experiments.bench Man page
fscore Man page
GeneNet.wrap Man page
Genie3.wrap Man page Man page
mrnetb.wrap Man page
mrnet.wrap Man page
mutrank.wrap Man page
netbenchmark Man page Man page
netbenchmark-package Man page
netbenchmark_rate Man page
netbenchmark_zsc Man page
noise.bench Man page
ntb_globals Man page
pcit.wrap Man page
pr.compute Man page
pr.plot Man page
rate Man page
RegisterWrapper Man page
roc.compute Man page
roc.plot Man page
UnregisterWrapper Man page
zsc Man page
zscore.wrap Man page

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