Man pages for networkBMA
Regression-based network inference using Bayesian Model Averaging

contabsContingency tables for networks with probabilistic edges.
contabs.netwBMANetwork assessment with incomplete context.
contabs.prelimPreliminary calculation for network assessment.
dream4DREAM 4 (Stolovitsky et al. 2007) 'gold standard' reference...
fastBMAcontrolControl parameters for 'networkBMA' when using fastBMA...
fastgControlControl parameters for using Zellner's g-prior in fastBMA...
gControlControl parameters for using Zellner's g-prior in 'ScanBMA'
iBMAcontrolLMControl parameters for 'iterateBMAlm'
iterateBMAlmIterative BMA for linear modeling with prior variable...
networkBMAGene network inference from time series data via BMA.
networkBMA-internalInternal functions for the networkBMA package
rocReceiver Operating Characteristic and Precision-Recall Curves
ScanBMABayesian Model Averaging for linear regression models.
ScanBMAcontrolControl parameters for 'ScanBMA'
scoresScores for assessment from contingency tables.
summary.networkBMASummarizes a 'networkBMA' object.
varordVariable orderings for linear regression.
vignetteThe subsets of the yeast-rapamycin time-series data from...
writeEdgesOutput network edges to text in Cytoscape-readable format.
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